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Office Pranks

Make work a little more fun

Like it or not you most likely will spend a great amount of your work week slaving away at some job you don't really like with some people you don't really care for, to accomplish some goal you don't really care about for an amount that if offered more you'd leave the stinking hellhole without much regret. It's sad that this scenario is typical for all of us. That's why when you hear about one of those people that wins the lottery and plans to keep their same job you get so enraged you want to stop by their office and flush their head down the toilet. Or is that just me?

Here at Planet Wally, we don't have any legal solutions to knock some sense into lottery winners, but we do have some solutions on how to have a laugh at the expense of your coworkers, which might be even more fun since they seem to make your life miserable day in and day out and lottery winners only annoy you when you see them on tv.

All we ask from you is that you act like a responsible delinquent. I mean really, there's no sense in getting fired unless you were on your way out the door already, then by all means, go out with style!

If you choose to pull a few pranks, for heavens sake send us a note on what you did and the results of the prank. If any new ideas for pranks come to mind, by all means send them our way. We have to work for a living just like you. Remember, we're all in this together and it's up to all of us to work to make the work place a little more tolerable.

I can't do this at work!

Oh sure you can. It's easy. Just do it. Chain those paper clips together. Take a message from Mr. Bear. Send that alpha numeric page. The first one is always the hardest, but eventually you'll get the hang of it and suddenly you will see the office change in front of your eyes from a bunch of losers punching a clock to potential victims. Doesn't that mental image alone make the work day seem more fun? After all, it seems to work for your boss.

I'm about to be fired/laid off. What should I do?

If you find out that chances are you are about to be fired or laid off, the first thing I suggest is back up your files. Back up e-mail, back up personal files, make sure you don't lose anything you can use for revenge or for personal gain down the road.

Are any of these documents key to the company? Does anyone else have a copy? If so, delete them. Start arranging to make sure the next person to look at your computer has no clue you used to work at that workstation. Just make sure you have back-up copies in case. Did anyone send you any questionable photos? Delete those because they can be used by HR to look for excuses to get you back beyond your life at the company.

Next, look at the list of pranks. Which ones will really work well in your office? Make a list of Top 10 pranks and be ready to pull them before they pull you. Wiping out all of your files is a great start.

A few pranks I recommend you pull include:

  • Sign up all of your coworkers for junk e-mail newsletters.
  • Hide a dead fish or partially opened can of tuna in the office.
  • Do you drive a company car? Replace the gas cap with a locking gas cap and conveniently forget to turn in that set of keys
  • Create a few fake job ads to give HR something else to do besides getting rid of you.

Those suggestions might help you prime the pump of your imagination to figure out something that would be truly memorable. Be sure to keep us informed!


The list

Glass cleaner in the cooler
Free doughnuts
Switch to decaf
Service Copier Soon
Fill the cubicle with peanuts
Paging over the intercom
Bogus ads
Need those numbers ASAP!
Change the hold music
Take the ink out of the pens!
Rubber duck in the cooler
Magazine subscriptions
bogus snacks
Page a bogus employee
Hang up on someone
Rubber cement on the railing
Tip with hell money
hole puch confetti
Superglue the desk
Remove the mouse balls
Grease the toilet seat
Fake a sneeze
Swap nameplates
Disconnect the keyboard
Lock the bathroom
Seal the outhouse
Potato daiquiris
Tape on the phone
Saran Wrap the toilet
Slightly unplug reciever
Daisy chain paper clips
Grease the reciever
Boogers on photos
Move a coworkers car
Fill a desk with peanuts
Replace files
Tape the sink sprayer
Elevator out of order
Bill has a wooden leg
Bucket of steam
Rearrange the number keys
Shake the dressing
Lice powder
Mr Bear Called
Hide a chair
Water the chair
Adjust the monitor
Tape the mouse ball
Switch the M & N keys
Snake in the water
Bogus doughnuts
Grease the toilet
Borrow a cart
Send an NT user message
Alpha Numeric pager pranks
Elevator Pass
Intercom Extension Prank
Word AutoCorrect Prank
Copier/Printer Pranks
Metric crescent wrench
Left handed hammers
Sky hook
Company care packages
Fishing wire desk booby trap
Hide the ringing phone
Switch the monitor cable
Bad phone connection
Board stretcher
Junk E-mail newsletter torrent
Keyboard cleaning
Fake Job Ads
How to Deal with Food Thiefs

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The pranks listed here are for informational purposes only. We do not really advise you to pull any stunts at work other than punching in at the old time clock and doing a hard days work.