The thought of doctors screwing up is terrifying. I’m not here to deny that fact. But if a doctor makes a mistake, should they be shamed into silence, or should the culture of medicine be open enough that others can learn from that mistake and overall care can improve?

Want to hear those three bone-chilling words? He first says ’em at 7:29.

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Food for thought: Do you see many people of color in the video games you or your kids play? Yeah, me neither. Find out a couple of logistical reasons why it’s harder to create characters who aren’t white at 1:55 and 3:08. They’re definitely legitimate reasons, but they’re also not good enough reasons. Wondering why the heck this even matters? He’ll tell you at 4:53.

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It’s pretty appalling that stuff like this happens all the time here in the U.S. See if her story doesn’t make you shake your head.

The above clip is an excerpt from “The Dream is Now,” a film by Davis Guggenheim (Academy Award-winning director of “An Inconvenient Truth”). It shows us the inside story of those directly affected by a broken immigration system — the undocumented children of immigrants who yearn to contribute more to the country they call home. You can watch this short documentary below this text. I highly recommend it.

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Humanity will probably have killed itself before the sun does, but maybe not? Space travel is humanity’s chance of surviving the sun’s inevitable death, so let’s start getting excited about it. Excited about space travel that is, not the sun killing everything on Earth. Give this video a watch and tell me you wouldn’t like to walk around on Mars someday.

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You may not think of religious communities as fashion-centric, but talking about identity and appearance with these Hasidic and Orthodox Jews is fascinating. Like many people, the way they look reflects what’s important to them and how they want to be seen.

Hear a beautiful idea about how looking “the same” helps you be an individual, at 4:00, followed by a pretty shocking story.

I especially loved the fashion show-and-tell at 5:30, a woman sharing the secrets of her hair at 6:20, and some really juicy insights into Jewish perspectives on feminism and sex — see if you’re surprised by what you hear at 13:50 and 14:25.

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So a very political-minded Chinese artist named Ai Weiwei made his own “Gangnam Style” video in which he kinda sorta hinted — with handcuffs — that the Chinese government wasn’t very nice to him. Like that time they arrested him. Boom, his video is gone.

So then his buddy, artist Anish Kapoor, organized a mega-music-video protest! Note the handcuffs and a brief glimpse of Weiwei himself in the opening seconds. Watch it, yell “Booyah!” at your screen, and then share it if you’re into freedom of expression. 

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Living abroad can be a tough situation to handle. Not only are you in a strange, new place, but you’re a world away from your loved ones. This son living in Japan decided to connect with his parents in the United States one night. He sent them a message, but he never expected what they sent back to him just minutes later.

From Japan, he sent this picture of the sunset to his parents…

And 20 minutes later, they sent him a picture of the sunrise from Florida.

No matter how far apart you are from the ones you love, remember that they are still living under the same sun as you. In fact, they may be looking at the very same sunset as you are, just from a different side. It’s profound when you realize that even though this world is a big place, you’re never that far from friends. This Telecom commercial summarizes it perfectly.

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There are over 100,000 kids in the U.S. foster care system who need families to care for them. If becoming a foster parent is something you’ve thought about doing, don’t let the fact that you’re not “perfect” hold you back — you might be perfect for someone who needs you.

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Factory farms do one thing to make their animals grow bigger — a lot bigger. And this one practice puts all our lives at risk, whether we ever eat meat OR NOT!

This is an easy fix. The big farms say they can’t afford to make the change, but hmmm. Kind of reminds me of what those big automakers said when they were asked to make more fuel-efficient cars. After some initial foot-dragging on their part — and continued pressure from consumers asking for good gas mileage — it turns out that U.S.-made vehicles can hit some pretty impressive mpg’s after all! Bottom line: As consumers, we CAN make a difference in how our meat is produced.

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Is feminism sexist? Well, technically yes. Because it’s about fighting for the rights of women. But that doesn’t mean it’s about taking away rights from men or that their rights aren’t important too. Marinashutup nails it again in this straightforward vlog for anyone who’s ever uttered “But what about the men?” during conversations about feminism.

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One day in Arizona, pool contractor Rick Gruber came to work on an otherwise normal day. His task: install a pool heater. But as he arrived he came across a horrifying site. A drowning squirrel. He went to get something to help get the poor creature out of the pool, but when he came back it was submerged and not moving.

Rick began gently pushing on the squirrel’s stomach to clear its lungs while it rested on PVC pipe. “Can you throw up? Can you give it a heave ho? Give it the old ugh,” Gruber said.

He placed the squirrel in one of his kneepads, and continued to encourage it take deep breaths. “Come on, little guy. You can’t die.” Rick told him.

He was weak, but started to move around a bit. Just needing severe rest as he clung to life.

Amazingly, Rick captured everything on his cell phone for the next hour…when the little guy finally started to feel better.

And managed to walk away, alive!

Check out the full video below:

I seriously can’t stop crying, it’s just a great story. I truly hope karma is real, because this man deserves a whole truckload. Source: YouTube Share with your friends if they’ll appreciate such a beautiful act of kindness.

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Rush Limbaugh is furious about this amazing woman. Read why she’s amazing after you watch this video, then share it if you think Rush needs to be put in his place.

You can see all of the reasons she deserves all the praise heaped on her here.

You can see all her honors, including some honorary degrees and a couple amazing awards from two different presidents here.

And you can share this with everyone you know by clicking down below.

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The lead-up to the World Cup in Brazil has sparked some large public protests. But the police are trying to silence protesters and, sadly, have responded with force, tear gas, and rubber bullets. To make matters worse, the Brazilian Congress might introduce new laws that could be used to crack down even further on the protests. See the issue played out in this smart advert below.

Everyone has the right to peaceful protest.

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There are few things more shameful than standing idly by while real talent is wasted, while real dreams are deferred. Share the video, spread the word.

  • 2:32-3:07: We meet Ola, her mother, and a delicious-looking German chocolate cake. 
  • 3:16-3:40: We meet Erika, her mother, and some homemade tamales. 
  • 3:44-5:02: We meet Alejandro and his best friend, and hear about his dream. 
  • 5:05-6:25: We meet Jose, his parrots, and his dust-gathering diploma. 
  • 7:00: We start hearing about the start of a very courageous movement. 
  • 9:40: We hear about an incredible march from Florida to Washington, D.C. 
  • 10:15-10:35: We witness incredibly brave acts that most of us couldn’t fathom. 
  • 11:05-12:40: They suffer a disheartening setback (and Glenn Beck rubs salt in the wound). 
  • 13:34-15:41: We hear Joaquin’s heartbreaking story. 
  • 15:50: They push a president to do the right thing. 
  • 18:00-19:19: Just as things are looking up for Erika and Ola, things take a turn for the worse. 
  • 23:00-26:50: They don’t take it lying down. 
  • 27:00: Stay calm: That feeling coursing through your body is your soul being stirred.

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