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Avatars: Christmas

Santa Claus: Hostage: Kid: Gun
Santa Takes Hostage
avatar: Christmas: Santa Claus Waving
Santa Waving
avatar: Christmas: Santa Claus Middle Finger
Santa is Rude
avatars: santa claus: santa with gun
Santa with Gun

avatars: Santa Claus: Mohawk Santa
Mohawk Santa
Santa peeing on Christmas Tree
Santa Peeing
avatars: Santa Claus: Santa Pooping
Santa Pooping
Tiny Tim Christmas
Tiny Tim Christmas

avatars: Mad: Spy vs Spy: Christmas Santa Claus: Jack Daniels: Drunk
A Christmas Story: Getting the Boot: Santa
Christmas Story: Boot
Ebenezer Scrooge
Ebenezer Scrooge
avatars: Christmas: Santa Claus: Girl: Anime: Negligee
Santa Girl
Santa finger
Santa Gives Finger
Santa Makes Me Cry
Santa Makes Me Cry
Santa: I'm Not Real
Santa Not Real?
Santa Claus Smoking
Santa Smoking
avatar: Christmas: Santa Claus: Invader Zim
Santa Zim
Santa on Vespa
Santa on Vespa
Santa Claus: hit by jet
Santa on a Jet
Snowman Murder: Avatar
Snowman Murder

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This Halloween, For A Mere $2,000, You Can Scare Your Neighbors For Life.

This Halloween, For A Mere $2,000, You Can Scare Your Neighbors For Life.

Innovation isn’t something companies tend to strive for when it comes to Halloween decorations. For the most part, Halloween decorations are the same as Christmas decorations, except with fake spider webs instead of tinsel. That is, until now.  Say hello to “The Chair Screamer.” Imgur This terrifying machine built by Poison Props is the ultimate Halloween decoration for […]

Gary Johnson vows to end the IRS if elected president

Gary Johnson vows to end the IRS if elected president

When I become president, I will end the IRS. Period. #libertarian #election2012 #youarelibertarian #tcot #tlot — Gov. Gary Johnson (@GovGaryJohnson) July 10, 2012 The Libertarian Party longshot has released a new video in which he makes the rather lofty promise of eliminating the individual and corporate income taxes and, ultimately, the Internal Revenue Service. […]


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Disturbing images for the Holiday season. We aim to find the weirdest things for Christmas images we can dream up.

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