Driving in the winter is incredibly difficult. The roads are sometimes icy and snowy, your heater doesn’t churn out hot air as fast as you’d like, and of course, you windows get foggy making it hard to see.

Well if you don’t want to deal with that last one, here’s the quickest way to get your windows cleared up plus the scientific explanation behind it.

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Now you’ll never be stuck squinting to see out the windshield again. We can all live and drive in peace…for the most part. Didn’t really cure the icy roads or anything, but it’s a start!

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In covering terrible tragedies such as the one that happened in Ottawa on Wednesday, the news needs to stop focusing on the shooter. That’s not to say we should completely ignore the seriousness of the event, just that we need to focus on everything else surrounding it as well. Instead of delving into the “mind of the killer” right away, we need to focus on the victims, the heroes, the positivity. Canada’s Rex Murphy agrees with me.

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This father and member of the military served a 10 month tour in Afghanistan, and his daughter had no clue that he was on his way back home.

Watch as the little girl gets surprised by her dad while out with her mom picking pumpkins for Halloween. The sweet little girl immediately breaks into tears when she realizes it’s her dad. She was so overcome with joy was she at seeing him again after all that time.

(Source: Meg Kaplan)

Aww what a sweet family moment, hopefully for her sake he’s home for good now.

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This important message is brought to you by kids under 18 who give a crap about the future of their country.


Well, here are some numbers that might do the trick.

Young voters are a powerful but consistently under-represented voice at the polls. In 2012, voters 18 to 29 made up over 20% of the eligible voting population, but only 15% of them actually voted.

Only half of voters 25 to 44 and a mere 38% of voters 18 to 24 cast their ballots in the 2012 elections. And those numbers are even lower in midterm elections like 2014’s —
in the 2010 midterms, only 21% of 18-to-24-year-olds voted.

Both groups are voting at rates far lower than in 1964, the year just before the passage of the
Voting Rights Act, one of the most effective civil rights laws in the history of the U.S.

The VRA is a perfect example of what’s possible when people are pissed off enough not just to vote, but to be united and engaged on things that matter.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m cynical of voting as a way to bring about the change that so many people want and need. Elections have been soiled by corrupt corporations, wealthy individuals, politicians, and even our own Supreme Court.

But I still do it. Because it’s really the *least* any of us who have a problem with the way things are should do. And because no matter how f&%#d up federal politics may be, I still believe local and state elections can make a difference in people’s lives.

If you’re able to vote but weren’t planning on it, I hope you’ll give it a second thought. There are a lot of folks — kids included — who would do it in your place if they could.

And if you’re too young to vote,
join these other young people in spreading the message to get out the vote.

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We’ve all heard the statistic that we only use 10% of our brains, but just how true is it? Turns out not so much, so if you thought you knew the brain, think again!

In this video AsapSCIENCE breaks down some of the most persistent myths surrounding our minds.

That was super interesting, but he didn’t mention anything about telekinesis, telepathy, and psionic powers…so I assume all those are still true.

Source: AsapSCIENCE

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You’ve probably heard the term “money in politics” a lot recently, and this election saw some of the most blatant attempts to buy political power. In 2010, a Supreme Court case dubbed Citizens United made it possible for corporations to spend huge amounts of money to finance a candidate’s campaign in exchange for special treatment. Super PACs (political action committees) were born, and their ability to spend an unlimited amount of money on practically anything or anyone they want compromised every democratic election they decided to involve themselves in. 

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In a city with 3,500 homeless people, a non-profit group called Lava Mae is taking a novel approach to helping the homeless of San Francisco. With a scrapped city bus and a handful of kindhearted volunteers, they drive around the city and provide hundreds of showers a week to those living on the streets. The former public transit bus has been fitted with two fully functioning private bathrooms that offers hot showers, clean toilets, shampoo, soap and towels to those in need.

(Source: NationSwell) The founder of this amazing non-profit mobile shower bus, Doniece Sandoval, said she wanted to return a sense of dignity to those living on the streets. “If you’re homeless, you’re living on the streets and you’re filthy, you’re trying to improve your circumstances, but you can’t interview for a job, you can’t apply for housing and you get disconnected from your sense of humanity,” Doniece said. “So a shower just in of itself is amazing for people.” Share this innovative way to help the homeless with your friends and family below. Inspire others to lend a caring hand to those who need it.

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If you live in a state above the snow line, then during the winter you’re going to have to deal with some of that white, fluffy stuff. Three brothers in Minnesota had an idea: they were not just going to shovel their driveway and leave it at that. Instead, the teenage brothers Austin, Connor, and Trevor Bartz decided to do something unbelievable. The three stunned their neighbors in New Brighton, Minnesota by spending 95 hours over the course of 3.5 weeks building a gigantic, 20 foot tall snow shark in their yard.

It’s even more impressive than it sounds.

Austin, Connor, and Trevor stand next to their incredible creation. They claim not to be artists, but we know better.

They gathered snow from the neighbors’ lawns…

And spent weeks crafting this baby.

They even set up a light display so that people could see their work at night.

They even include details in their snow sculptures, like this shark’s double row of teeth.

Last winter, the boys created a snow walrus on the lawn, which took approximately 100 hours.

And this is what 100 hours well spent looks like.

They also created this blowfish the winter before that, but “Puffy” the pufferfish was a different story. It only took the brothers two hours to complete the main body by rolling up snow into a huge ball.

This endeavor was nothing compared to the gigantic shark of 2014.

If you think the pictures are impressive, watch the timelapse of the shark’s construction:

Woah. And I thought building a snowman was pretty cool.

Source: reddit.com

What a wonderful way for three brothers to spend time together during the winter. Please share this with your friends!

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You’ve no doubt seen your fair share of apocalyptic hand-wringing about the U.S. national debt. What you probably haven’t heard is an actual explanation of how we got here that assigns blame based on math and not the usual partisan verbal diarrhea. 

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I mostly love ratchet, ignorant rap. It’s just more fun that way. But when someone finds a way to speak to me through my genre of choice, I am thoroughly impressed. This is a brave piece, written with heart and guts. He did what rappers are born to do, say f*ck it and unapologetically be yourself. WARNING — he says a few curse words.

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Lizz Winstead, co-creator of “The Daily Show,” went through a pretty traumatic thing when she was 16. But instead of burying it, she shared her story.

Before you go off about how this topic isn’t funny — we all know that. But sometimes it’s easier to tell a story while laughing rather than crying. Share this if you agree.

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Sir Nicholas Winton, dubbed “the British Schindler” after saving 669 mostly Jewish children from Nazi death camps on the eve of the Second World War, is given the surprise of his life on television. And, well, I did not expect to see the audience do that at 0:50.

Winton humbly kept his efforts a secret until his wife found scrapbooks in their attic about saving the children.

Holocaust history should still be very much in the public’s mind and in our education, and it’s little moments like these that should be celebrated, not forgotten.

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Believe it or not, but every 60 seconds, more than 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube.

They’re uplifting, sad, inspirational, and hilarious…all on one website!

But one thing they have in common? They all have the power to teach us something.

When 12-year-old Adilyn Malcolm was researching for a school project, she came across some cool dance videos. What started as a simple curiosity turned into a passion for perfection. She learned how to perform prodigious dubstep dance routines after hours of watching YouTube videos on the topic.

She’s seriously amazing!

Holy smokes! I think I’m going to start watching more YouTube videos. Well, even more than I already do now. Watch out, world, I’m going to be the next dubstep dance master.

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Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas, who have lived here most of their lives, decided to ask Congressman Steve King a pretty thoughtful question. He didn’t handle it too well. At 58 seconds in, he gets pretty condescending, physically grabs her hand, shows them little respect, and refuses to listen. It goes downhill from there, despite Erika and Cesar’s calm discussion of the issues.

The card Erika is referring to is her Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) card. It’s a card for folks who arrived here before their 16th birthday, before 2007, who graduated from high school or served in the military and haven’t committed any crimes. Essentially they are kids who grew up here, want to contribute to society, want a legal path to citizenship or green card status, and want to know where they stand in the American immigration system.

Rep. Steven King (R-Iowa) has a history of saying pretty xenophobic things, like most undocumented immigrants are drug runners. He tends to be uncompromising in his opinion that if you were brought here as a child, you are a lawbreaker who has no intention of following any laws. And anytime anyone calls him on this and explains that if you grew up here not knowing about your status, you should at least have an opportunity to prove your value, he reverts to ignoring everything you say because your parents dared to try to give you a better life.

Imagine if America was the only country you ever knew. As a small child, you make friends, go to school, grow up, go to college, and make a life for yourself. Now imagine there was a guy telling you that everyone like you was a drug smuggling criminal. And he was elected to a federal office. And he was trying to send you to a country you have never lived in. How would you feel?

Erika just wants to contribute to our country. She wants to do the right thing. And most people are too afraid to talk about it because people like Congressman King like to scare the hell out of everyone into thinking that the American dream should be off limits to people from specific places. Which is silly. We are a nation of immigrants, and right now, there’s no path for people like Erika to take to gain her citizenship. But if people like you and me keep talking about it, maybe we can finally get to a place where we have a sane path to citizenship that’s actually realistic and doable.

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